[headline_subtitle title=”ÓBIDOS CHRISTMAS VILLAGE” subtitle=”NOVEMBER 30 TO DECEMBER 31, 2017″]

Recreating the mysticism and the of the Christmas season, next December, Óbidos will be full of sparkles, stars, lights, ornaments and other chimeras framing a Christmas scenario that will be to everyone’s delight.

In this environment designed to bring together and entertain children and adults, emerges the dawning of the imagination and the charm before the reproduction of the Christmas Village with all its characters: Gnomes, reindeers, snowmen, Christmas trees, stars… without forgetting the legendary Santa Claus.


“Óbidos Vila Natal” will have surprising Christmas shows unfolding in two stages inside the main venue; between marionettes and jugglers, magic and animation, everyone will be able to enjoy moments of much laughter and pure entertainment.
Free with General Ticket









[headline_subtitle title=”Bolas de Natal” subtitle=”Stage”]

Mr. Bang! (Benjamin Delmas)

MR BANG (1)(Circus comedy)
Bang, the terrorist of laughter!
He likes everything that makes a bang! Mr. Bang is a punk clown filled with energy spreading joy wherever he goes. He enchants everyone with his absurd abilities, psychedelic tricks and explosive comedy.
Mr. Bang’s mission is to make you laugh in the face of fear to make it disappear.


Wild West Cabaret (The Fifth Wheel)

CMO_20141211_50611Puppet Show
Puppet show with movement, joy and humor, many laughs and laughter. Different characters, produced on paper, amuse us with tap dance, cabaret and pop / rock songs. Join us on this trip around the world enjoying the rhythm of music and dance of these funny figures.





[headline_subtitle title=”Bolas de Sabão” subtitle=”Stage”]

The Bubble Dreamer (Bubble on Circus)

BUBBLE CIRCUS - OBIDOS(circus comedy)
An exciting show where soap is the main ingredient for the most extraordinary balls you’ve ever seen! A kind of poetry and circus humor and lots of soap balls. A colorful world that will stay in your memory for years to come.




CO(M) TRADIÇÃO (Rui Cruz Magical Entertainer)

In his new creation, Rui Cruz will unveil and deconstruct a magical and mystical world. A parallel reality with which we cohabit and ignore so much. A different, dynamic and audacious spectacle, which maintains the characteristic and charismatic sense of humour that has already accustomed us, where it is “Forbidden to enter anyone who is not astonished to exist”.




[headline_box text=”DIVERSIONS” align=”Center”]

Pólo Sul
pista de geloIce Skating Rink
Slide on the track whirling through the cold and the ice, living the true Antarctic experience. 200 square meters to prove your skills and balance on blades.
Capacity: 50 skaters
(≥6) Ticket €4 (15m)

Pólo Norte
parque de geloIce Skating Park
In this space you can learn how to skate or simply play with the seals that inhabit in this arctic. Have fun with your friends in this play park!
Capacity: 16 double entries
(≥3 |<12) Tickets €6 (15m) – 1 child + 1 adult


Estrelas e Pintas
face_paintingFace Painting
Here, all children will be able to have their face painted with themes of the Ice age.
Choose a drawing or change your hairstyle and become your favorite character in this Christmas event.
(≤12) Free with ticket

Natal Virtual
virtualVirtual Reality Simulator
Ticket: €2,50 until Dec. 16th; €3,50 from Dec. 17th.


C’est La Vie
The carousel will spin! In this beautiful Parisian carousel, visitors can travel back and forth among delicate wooden figures, where little horses go up and down and little pigs run as fast as they can to catch the rooster!
Capacity: 27 passengers
Ticket: €1,50

Saltos e Pinotes
Imagine yourself jumping on the bed or sofa like in your house … Jump higher on the trampolines!
Three minutes of jumping back and forth.
Capacity: 3 passengers
Duration: 3 min.
(≥3) Free with ticket


Expresso de Natal
In the lands of “Óbidos Vila Natal”, our train carriages slide, always working, where the little ones may be drivers or passengers, on this fun trip.
Capacity: 20 passengers
Admission: €1,50

rampa de geloIce Slide
At 6 meters high, it appears at the top of the Alps of “Óbidos Vila Natal”. From this point, the launching pad set you on a great adventure! Slide at high speed on a float provided by our staff.
(≥4) Free with ticket


Croquet do Vale
croquetCroquet Game
Learn the Croquet Game, passing the balls through the bows with your favorite Christmas characters. Have fun!
(≥3) Free with ticket

Casa do Lago
lagoFishing Game
This fishery will need your expertise. Get as many Christmas balls as you can in this special lake.
(≥3) Free with ticket


Duelo de Cotonetes
cotonetesCotton Swab Game
Have fun without falling off the stool while trying to knock down your opponent with a giant swab. Exciting and fun game.
(≥3) Free with ticket

Jogo das Argolas
argolasSkill game
This game is a test of your skills! You’ll receive three rings to shoot to the pins that are arranged in the tree, far from each other. Depending on your aim, you will receive a prize.
(≥6) One play (3 rings): 1€


Jogo das Bolas
Try to hit the targets and show your aim. Have fun playing with friends and family, and see who hits the most.
(≥6) Free with ticket

Jogo das Latas
latasSkill game
To throw down the heap of cans you will have to test your skills. You have 3 chances to hit the balls and win the prize!
(≥6) One play (3 balls): 1€


Burros do Magoito
burrosDonkey ride
Activities with animals always create memorable moments. Have fun taking a ride.
(≥3) each ride: 2€

Cena de Natal
presepioNativity Scene
Take a picture next to this life size Nativity Scene.
Free with ticket


Chalet de Inverno do Pai Natal
pai natalSanta Clause’s Winter Chalet
Santa Claus is resting in his Chalet before delivering gifts to children all over the world. To the white-bearded man, you can confess if you were naughty or nice … and only then can you leave him your wish list for this Christmas.
Gratuito com o bilhete de entrada_Free with ticket

Throughout the main venue, visitors will find your favorite Christmas characters in person. Our imagination lives on the characters and plots, fantasies and dreams that make us play, discovering Christmas traditions.


[headline_box text=”Tickets” align=”Center”]

Included in general ticket
Estrelas e Pintas [Face Painting] (≤12)
Saltos e Pinotes [Trampolines] (≥3)
Palco Bolas de Sabão [Shows]
Avalanche [Ice Slide] (≥4)
Croquet do Vale [Game] (≥3)
Casa do Lago [Game] (≥3)
Duelo de Cotonetes [Game] (≥3)
Jogo das Bolas [Game] (≥3)
Cena de Natal [Nativity Scene]
Palco Bolas de Natal [Shows]
Chalet de Inverno do Pai Natal [Santa Clause’s Winter Chalet]

Not included in general ticket
Pólo Sul [Ice Skating Rink] (≥6) Ticket: €4 (15m)
Pólo Norte [Ice Skating Rink] (≥3 |<10) Ticket: €6 (15m) – 1 Child+1 Adult
Virtual Reality Simulator – Admission: €2,50 until Dec. 16th; €3,50 from Dec. 17th.
C’est La Vie [Carousel] Ticket: 1,50€
Expresso de Natal [Train] Ticket: 1,50€
Jogo das Argolas [Skill Game] (≥6) One play: 1€
Jogo das Latas [Skill Game] (≥6) One play: 1€
Burros do Magoito [Donkey ride] (≥3) Each ride: 1€

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The ticket price includes VAT at the prevailing rate. For reasons not attributable to the Organisation, programme and schedules may be subject to changes. Due to weather conditions, some amusements may temporarily
close. When buying your ticket, please check that all details are correct. If payment is made by cash and you would like a receipt, please request it before the ticket is issued. We do not exchange or refund tickets, except for the cases foreseen below.

TICKET REFUND POLICY: If, by reason of force majeure, the original date of a show is changed, the ticket will be valid for the new date provided. In case of full cancellation of the event, the full ticket price will be refunded only until 10 workdays after the
official announcement of the cancellation. All refunds will be made by bank transfer, therefore, personal data will be requested.


[headline_box text=”ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
” align=”Center”]

Outdoor event> The use of warm clothing is advised. Whenever climatic conditions warrant it, some amusements may be temporarily closed.

Parking> There are 5 parking lots next to Óbidos, with capacity for more than 4 thousand vehicles.

Recommended days to visit event> Whenever possible, we advise visitors to prefer weekdays, as at weekends lines are longer.

Restaurants> Food trucks are located in the event and there are also several restaurants in the historic center. At the Tourist Office, visitors will have access to the entire listing as well its respective locations.

Hotels> In the municipality of Obidos there are several hotels. At the Tourist Office you have access to the entire listing as well as its respective locations.

Tourist Office> It is located next to the main car park, about 200 meters from the main entrance of Óbidos.

How to get to Óbidos:

The motorways A8 (Lisbon-Leiria) and A15 (Santarém-Óbidos), as well as the IP6 (Peniche-Óbidos) make access to Óbidos extremely easy.
We advise the following exits for a faster access to the car parks of the event:

A8 North – Exit 16 – Gaeiras / Óbidos

A8 South – Exit 15 – Óbidos

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